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How to search Chat History of a particular user in Gmail

Sometimes we need to search the chat history for a specific chat; however, we may not get the exact results of what we want. The reason incorrect keywords. Recently, after Hangout got released; the keywords like “chat with Email-id” isn’t working anymore. Eg: “chat with

I have also tested with “hangout with” and it ain’t working either. After trying for few minutes I got the answer. There is more than one way to search the history for a specific chat.

The easiest one is by typing “in:chats email-id” Eg: “in:chats

If you want to search only the chat you received from an email-id, then : “in:chats from:(Email-id)” Eg: “in:chats from:(

Only the chat you sent to an email-id: “in:chats to:(Email-id)” Eg: “in:chats to:(

Chat you sent to an email-id with the word “Hello” : “in:chats to:(Email-id) Hello” Eg: “in:chats to:( Hello

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