Nexus 4 is a good looking device with gorilla glass on both sides. Its specs are good enough to run any app available currently. With Quad-core 1.5 GHz, Adreno 320 and 2 GB RAM, it has the raw power to play high end games, even-though it doesn’t have the best hardware compared to the current flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One. The 720p 4.7 inch IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen on the nexus is enough for most of the users. On normal use Nexus 4 last for 10-12 hrs after a full recharge, but on heavy use (approx: 1hr of games, 2hrs of browsing, 30mins of calls, 30mins of texting, 30mins music, 30mins Video) it last for only 5-6 hrs. Here I am going to list down some tips for saving the battery and making it last a bit longer! The Tips also apply to other Android phones and also to all the other phones and tablet including iphone, ipad, Windows Mobile, etc.

Tip 1: Screen Brightness
This is the main culprit for draining the juice of battery. The screen brightness should not be kept at the maximum all the time. I have seen many of my friends keeping their brightness at the maximum. I also recommend not to keep Auto-Brightness activated as it consumes power sensing the light. To get the maximum battery life I recommend to set the brightness between the minimum and 25%; believe me this brightness will be enough for most of the cases. Only when you are in bright sunlight you may need to increase the brightness more. So the thumb rule is the lesser the brightness the more the battery life!

Tip 2: Auto Sync
It can consume a lot of battery juice depending on how may Accounts/Apps we Auto Sync. Auto Sync of unwanted Accounts should be disabled; we can always sync manually.

Tip3: GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
Disable GPS / Location access, WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. Even if we need to use the Location Service I recommend to disable the “GPS Satellites” when not required as it consumes a lot of power. We can enable it whenever we want.
This will definitely increase the battery life.

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