Samsung *#0228# temperature test

Samsung *#0228# temperature test

Samsung *#0228# temperature test

Samsung is providing an option to test the temperature of the phone and battery info in its Galaxy Series phones. This is a very useful feature to check if the phone is running within the normal temperature. It also shows other information like: Network, SignalStrength, Voltage and more.

1. Open the phones Dialler/Keypad.
2. Press *#0228#
3. You will see the current temperature of the phone with other details.

I have tested this feature on Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S Duos and Galaxy Grand Quattro Duos.

Note: This feature is helpful in diagnosing whether the phone is running normally or overheated.

How to change the date and time format on the taskbar in Windows 7

The date and time are set to dd-MM-yyyy format (18-07-2013) and 24 hrs format (21:10) respectively by default after installing Windows 7. Sometimes we may want to customize the default format of date and time. You can change the time format (from 24 hour to 12 hour – AM/PM) or the date format using the simple tips given below.

1. Left Click on the Time and Date located on the right side of the Taskbar.
2. You will get a popup.
3. Click on “Change date and time settings” in the bottom of the popup.
4. Click on “Change date and time” button in the popup.
5. You will get a new popup.
6. Click on “Change Calender Setting” in the new pop up.

How to search Chat History of a particular user in Gmail

Sometimes we need to search the chat history for a specific chat; however, we may not get the exact results of what we want. The reason incorrect keywords. Recently, after Hangout got released; the keywords like “chat with Email-id” isn’t working anymore. Eg: “chat with

I have also tested with “hangout with” and it ain’t working either. After trying for few minutes I got the answer. There is more than one way to search the history for a specific chat.

The easiest one is by typing “in:chats email-id” Eg: “in:chats

If you want to search only the chat you received from an email-id, then : “in:chats from:(Email-id)” Eg: “in:chats from:(

Only the chat you sent to an email-id: “in:chats to:(Email-id)” Eg: “in:chats to:(

How to remove Picasa photos from my Android Gallery

Many people might have experienced that all the Picasa photos are auto-synced when we add a Google account to (a new) Android device. All the photos (Thumbnails) in the Picasa web album are downloaded to the gallery of the Android device; which is quite annoying to many. We may not want all or some photos to be downloaded; some of the photos may be private. So today I am going to show you how to remove these photos from the Android Gallery.

Step 1: Disable auto-sync
Go to “Settings -> Accounts -> Google.” Click on “Google.” Under Google we will see a list of all the Google accounts added if we have added more than one Google account. Then click on the account where we need to remove the auto-sync; we will find a list of all the Services like Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Drive, Gmail, Google Photo, etc… Uncheck the check-box of “Google Photo” ; this will disable the auto sync of the Picasa web album. However we will still find the Picasa photos already synced in the Android Gallery. To remove these photos we need to delete the cache and app data.

Step 2: Delete Cache and App Data
Go to “Settings -> Apps -> ALL”. “Apps” has three tabs: DOWNLOADED, RUNNING, ALL. Under “ALL” we need to scroll down and find “Gallery”. Click “Gallery” ; we will get two buttons: “Clear data” and “Clear Cache”. Click on “Clear data” and “Clear Cache” one by one.

Now the downloaded Picasa photos will be deleted from the Gallery. 🙂

Update: The Picasa photos will again come back after updating to Android Jelly Bean 4.3 .  You need to follow the above steps again.

How to increase battery life of LG Nexus 4 E960

Nexus 4 is a good looking device with gorilla glass on both sides. Its specs are good enough to run any app available currently. With Quad-core 1.5 GHz, Adreno 320 and 2 GB RAM, it has the raw power to play high end games, even-though it doesn’t have the best hardware compared to the current flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One. The 720p 4.7 inch IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen on the nexus is enough for most of the users. On normal use Nexus 4 last for 10-12 hrs after a full recharge, but on heavy use (approx: 1hr of games, 2hrs of browsing, 30mins of calls, 30mins of texting, 30mins music, 30mins Video) it last for only 5-6 hrs. Here I am going to list down some tips for saving the battery and making it last a bit longer! The Tips also apply to other Android phones and also to all the other phones and tablet including iphone, ipad, Windows Mobile, etc.

Tip 1: Screen Brightness
This is the main culprit for draining the juice of battery. The screen brightness should not be kept at the maximum all the time. I have seen many of my friends keeping their brightness at the maximum. I also recommend not to keep Auto-Brightness activated as it consumes power sensing the light. To get the maximum battery life I recommend to set the brightness between the minimum and 25%; believe me this brightness will be enough for most of the cases. Only when you are in bright sunlight you may need to increase the brightness more. So the thumb rule is the lesser the brightness the more the battery life!

Tip 2: Auto Sync
It can consume a lot of battery juice depending on how may Accounts/Apps we Auto Sync. Auto Sync of unwanted Accounts should be disabled; we can always sync manually.

Tip3: GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
Disable GPS / Location access, WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. Even if we need to use the Location Service I recommend to disable the “GPS Satellites” when not required as it consumes a lot of power. We can enable it whenever we want.
This will definitely increase the battery life.

How to Boost Windows 7 performance

Have you ever imagined of being able to increase the performance of your desktop/laptop running windows without upgrading the hardware. It’s obvious that better performance in your computer will require you to purchase new hardware ranging from memory (RAM), processor (CPU), Graphics card (GPU) and the list goes on.
However, one thing that you wonder often about is whether it is possible to increase the performance/speed of your computer by merely tweaking the software that is your Operating System. Today, Hey U Geek will take you through the easiest and simplest way on how to tweak windows 7 for optimum performance. This article is targeted to those people with weak system configuration.
The positive side of using windows 7 is that it’s really easy and simple. Windows XP was much more complicated and required long process to execute a command. With Win7, using the “search programs and files”, you can simply instant jump to any desired programs or files installed or present in the network.
Before beginning, I would like you to spend a moment to know the minimum system requirements for Windows 7:

How to disable comments for page in WordPress

Many people have difficulty in finding the option to disable comments for pages in WordPress. Well we can disable the Page comments in many ways. One option to disable comments is by editing the page.php. I’m going to talk about the easy ways to do it without the need for any code editing.

1. You can disable comments for Page through Quick Edit; Remove/Uncheck the Checkbox of “Allow comments.

2. From Edit/Add New (Pages); Enable/Check the Checkbox of  “Discussion” through “Screen Options” on the top; Remove/Uncheck the Checkbox of “Allow comments.” in the bottom.

The Page Comments will be disabled.